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Swami Durgananda is the Spiritual Leader of Samata Samashti Dharma. She is a modern woman with an ancient job. She is a Guru who is also a mother, grandmother and now a widow. She is a business woman, whose business is yoga and devotion to God. She is in this world but not of it.

She spans and unites the past and present; the sublime and mundane; chela and friend.

Swami was born in Melbourne, Australia. She was born with an intense love of God and spent many hours as a young child contemplating life beyond her physical existence. This was in complete contrast to her daily life in the inner suburbs of Melbourne where she was surrounded and raised by a large extended family. In 1960 at the age of nineteen years Swami, relocated to Western Germany where she lived, worked and raised her family for many years.

Swami had never enjoyed robust health, suffering a diagnosed heart condition from birth, in her early 20’s; she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis which led her to yoga, as a healing art. This increased Swami’s expertise in the realms of esoteric yogic philosophy and into the importance of balancing the body’s energy to optimise healing. For over 40 years Swami has been teaching yoga, meditation and philosophy around the world.

Once her family had grown a little and she had recovered from more serious illness that had plagued her through her 20’s and early 30’s, she began to search in earnest for a spiritual master to take her natural inclination and knowledge further.

In 1974, she relocated to India and she settled her young family down in New Delhi. Within a short time, she met the Master for whom she was searching. The Master of Samata Yoga, His Holiness Neelkanth Maharaj in the small village of Barsana, in Uttar Pradesh: about one hundred and thirty-five kilometres south of Delhi.

Finally, His Holiness Neelkanth Maharaj accepted Swami as his student and began her instruction into Raj yoga that was to last over 15 years.

Eventually, she was initiated into the lineage of Samata Samashti Dharma. At her final initiation she was given the title of Swami Durgananda or as we know her Durga Swami. At this time she was asked to take the teachings to the West.

Her innate knowledge, the guidance of Maharaj and her destiny have given Swami a profound understanding of the universe and human condition. By nature, a gifted healer, she is also qualified in a range of healing modalities and is a member of the World Natural Medicine Foundation.

Swami Durgananda has suffered and survived most major illnesses. She has used her knowledge of yoga alongside Western medicine as a means of healing herself and others. 

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