Saturday, December 1, 2012


  To all the followers of Samata Yoga 

and the blog here in Australia and around the world

 I wish you all 

  Season’s Greetings 

and hope that the New Year 

is full of joy and personal achievement

Durga Swami

This past year 2012 has been one of change and renewal.  Many of us have experienced changes where we have needed to look deep within for not only personal strength, but also the strength of our convictions, that inner drive that propels us ever forward to the goal of self-realisation.

For me the year 2012 was one of meeting and reaching out to the many seekers which I have had the honor of meeting and teaching not only here but also abroad.  To all of you I extend greetings for the festive season may it be a safe and happy experience.

During the celebration of Christmas try to remain in the moment and truly experience all of life’s bounty and richness of spirit that surrounds you.  At the same time give some thought to those less fortunate than yourself.

My meditations and prayers will be with you all as this year draws to a close and a New Year dawns. Durga Swami


  1. Thank you Swami for your love wisdom and compassion. May you have a wonderful festive season. God bless xoxo

  2. May we all continue to be blessed by the teachings and grace of our beloved guru in the year 2013.


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