Sunday, February 3, 2013


Swami Durgananda Principle Samata YogaSamata Yoga Australia Theme 2013
‘Aspects of Grace’ throughout the year GRACE will be the basis of all teachings of Samata
 Swami Durgananda  
Spiritual Leader of Samata Yoga Australia
‘Grace’ comes in many forms, from the idea of giving it to receiving it.  There is wisdom and depth to all the aspects of Grace and I hope that as this New Year dawns you will contemplate ‘Grace’ in all its forms, the knowledge of “Grace” will be invaluable on your journey of learning and evolution.

In February I will be travelling to Castlemaine in Victoria.  On February 16th and 17th I am conducting a two day workshop titled ‘Unlocking the Profound Mysteries of Healing’ and I look forward to meeting many of you who are interested in this field.

In March we have our annual Retreat in Rosebud.  I am looking forward to this and hope that you will attend, as to be under the roof of the Masters is a great privilege.  It is also a time where the vibration of the Lineage is received by attendees allowing progress on your spiritual journey and an elevation of consciousness.  In Australia you have a chance to have access to the Guru and that is in itself valuable such an opportunity should not be missed.

Later in March I will be attending the ‘International Yoga Conference and Festival’ in Auckland where I will once again meet old friends and seekers.  At the Conference I will be giving four lectures and then at the conclusion I will be giving two one day workshops.

All the information for this year’s activities including registration forms are available on the events page on the website: 

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible and wish all of you a very enlightening 2013. Swami Durgananda

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