Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Swami Durgananda

 I am asked many times the same questions “Why is it so difficult to meditate?” or “Why when I try to meditate does my mind race to other things?”  

Perhaps you have the same experience as soon as you begin to meditate; you do all the right things, find a quiet spot, use a comfortable cushion, made sure you will not be disturbed.  

Then it begins your mind races and you become restless and concentration is far, far away. You have forgotten the discipline of Sila, simplification of your life.
Let me explain, as you begin the journey of meditation you need to be aware of the preliminary preparation for successful meditation of any kind, by being aware of your actions whether they are physical or mental and following the basic rules you will be rewarded with very profound experiences on a deep soul level which will enhance your evolution.   

The first basic rule is Sila which means to simplify your life.
The concept is - if your life is less stressful then the mind is quieter and desires (said to be the roots of discontent which seem to control your very existence) become less predominate enabling you to better control and discern what is good for your life and your peace of mind. Not only on a physical level resulting in less stress but also on a holistic level so that every aspect is affected in a positive way.   

For meditation to be fruitful and of a high quality you need to not suppress the desires of the body and the mindless chatter of the lower mind but control it.  

Meditation is used in the early stages to release all the clutter and then you can begin the journey of all seekers and practitioners of meditation to move through, enter and then become established in the higher states of consciousness.  

If the mind is cluttered with irrelevant items and your body is not under control you will easily become imprisoned by your lower thoughts and desires which will eventually lead you to stray from the right path, the real spiritual you.  

It is also required that you spend a few hours a day in silence.  Quiet time is silence - no phone, no music just your own thoughts, perhaps you may spend time walking, being alone with yourself as a preparation of being alone within yourself.

Your physical life must also consist of less clutter.  We all have lots to do these days but maybe we are really cluttering our life too much. Try to decide what is in your best interest and what activities you can discard in your busy physical life.  You will be amazed as you refine your physical lifestyle how much more energy you have and actually how mindful you will become and how less stressed you whole life is.

Here are some useful tips to get you started, they may sound crazy but give them a try: 
  • Clean your teeth or wash your mouth out with cold clear water. 
  • Wash your hands and face in cold water. 
  • Do not drink any beverages; caffeine really wakes up the chatty part of your mind. 
  • Drink some cold water. 
  • Do not eat for at least one hour before meditation; try in that hour to have quiet time instead.
  • If the mind is racing visualise a broom and sweep the thoughts away. 

In the early days of my meditating I just waited trying not to get involved with my crazy thoughts until my mind quietened down and I could easily, unhindered move into deep meditation.

Remember meditation is performed beyond the chatty lower mind and you can with patience easily move through the forest of thoughts but you must help yourself by introducing Sila into your life as your discipline.

Remember you are not missing much you probably did it all in a previous life why not now do something for yourself and your evolution.  I have no doubt one day your will join with your higher self - your soul, leading to Self Realisation and it will all be worthwhile.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Swami Durgananda

Swami Durgananda Lectures on  'Aspects of Grace'

 March 8th, 9th ,10th 2013 - Dromana, Mornington Peninsula VIC   


 Asrama, Yoga Classes, Meditation, Chanting, Discourses & Seva

Situated on the Mornington Peninsula, our retreat location is a beautiful, tranquil country property with panoramic views.  Click here for Brochure and Registration form